At Tots on the Rock we not only care for our Waiheke children we care for our Waiheke environment as well. We are committed to minimizing our footprint on our earth and to do what we can to make the planet better.


Through promoting sustainable practices, the Tots children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of both the living and non-living environment.

These practices also offer children a relationship with the natural environment and knowledge of their own place in the environment whilst also developing working theories about the living world and how to care for it. We endeavour to protect papatuanuku by being kaitiakitanga of our environment.


We also raise awareness through the celebration and honouring of events such as World Environment Day, Conservation Week, Seaweek and National recycling week.


As a centre we:

  • Use eco-friendly products and try to avoid using chemicals
  • Recycle everything where possible – the children make things out of all the boxes and packaging that comes in to the centre
  • Feed our food scraps to the local roosters
  • Use free range meat & eggs
  • Have a worm farm
  • Use a bokashi bin
  • Use rain water
  • Help keep our environment litter free