Tues, Weds and Thurs
9.30am – 12.30pm / 3pm – 5pm
Lessons are 20 minutes.
Exact lesson times will be determined upon enrolment.



Sheltered environment shields you from weather elements such as harmful UV rays from the sun, the rain, and the wind.


Takes better care of your skin as it is gentler and easier on the skin compared to regular chlorinated water in other pools.


Our heated pool regulates water temperature to ensure a comfortable and conducive learning environment.


Our coaches are professional, experienced and certified AUSTSWIM with current first aid and CPR Certificates. They are also fun-loving and passionate about teaching.

All of our programmes are designed to teach the child and parent the basic water safety skills and for the child to gain confidence in the water.
They are appropriate for your child’s age, development and capability. Progression through the stages outlined below is managed on a term by term basis and dependent on availability within the program.
Parents are required to participate in the water with their child until they are 3 years of age, and for safety reasons, to ensure the children can stand confidently with their heads above water when they are not swimming.



6-14 Months

20 Minute classes
Each child has an adult partner with them in the water
Maximum of 4 children per class
Teaches water confidence and assisted submersions


14-24 Months

20 Minute classes
Each child has an adult partner with them in the water
Maximum of 4 children per class
Growing from Paddle Crabs to extend on water confidence and safety.  Teaching assisted submersions with an introduction to kicking, paddling and back floating, with an element of assisted turnarounds and rotations


2-3 Years

20 Minute classes
Each child has an adult partner with them in the water
Maximum of 4 children per class
Teaches confident submersions, minimal support in kicking, paddling and back floating and minimal support in turnarounds and rotations


3-5 Years

20 Minute classes
3:1 child teacher ratio
Teaches self-initiated submersion
Independent kicking, paddling and back floating
Independent turnarounds and rotations
Continuous progress from our water safety level through to stroke or swim


School of Fish Waiheke Island provides aquatic water safety programs that are child-centred.

Our programs are design to assist infants, young children and their parents to become familiar with the water and develop water confidence through participation in a range of safe and enjoyable aquatic activities.

We strongly believe children are individual and unique, therefore the expectations of each program are tailored to meet their needs and development and reflect their physical, social and emotional competencies.

Goals & aims

  • To educate parents and children about aquatic safety.
  • To assist infants to become familiar with water.
  • To develop water confidence and water familiarisation.
  • To experience the value of play through experimentation and repetition.

Terms & Conditions


Fees are payable in full in advance for the term. An invoice will be sent to you via email which must be paid in full before your child starts their lessons. Payments can be made via internet banking or by cheque. If payment is not received 3 days before the date your child(ren) are about to start their lesson, their lesson will be cancelled and no longer available. Then they will have to wait for availability in the next term time. If you are enrolled at Tots on the Rock Childcare Centre there is a discounted rate that applies.  The charge is $19.50 per 20 minute lesson or Tots on the Rock Special Price: $16 per lesson

Fees should be paid into the Tots On The Rock, School of Fish bank account: 02-0108-0217025-000


School of Fish reserves the right to cancel memberships at any time. If an individual chooses to cancel their membership they will need to fill out a cancellation form before it is actioned. Credit or refund requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.


The pool we are using to host the swimming lessons in is also used as a guest house, We will book our swimming lessons in around the bookings of the guest house, However should a booking occur that conflicts with our scheduled lessons we will refund or credit you for that lesson/s. School of Fish reserves the right to cancel or change classes and instructors. We strive to maintain consistency with our lessons, so if changes are necessary, we make every effort to ensure it is a smooth transition for our swimmers.


Terms and dates will vary depending upon the bookings of the guest house and a calendar will be sent out for the term in advance.


Unfortunately due to the nature of the facilities we are using we will be unable to offer make up days for any days missed due to child sickness/holidays and a refund will not be possible either. Should a lesson be missed due to staff/instructor sickness we will endeavour to put on another lesson or provide a refund.


All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while they are at the pool or they will miss out on their lesson. Please guide children to and from the SOF areas promptly. This helps with the smooth running of our program.


Please do not bring your child to SOF if they are unwell and have any infections. Common ailments include; respiratory illnesses, stomach bugs and a variety of infections that may get worse or spread to others. Please see our health and hygiene policy.


Every swimmer deserves the right to learn in a non-disruptive and safe environment. The behavior policy is two verbal warnings then ‘time out of the pool” if necessary, which means a child may miss out on a small part of their lesson. If the behaviour is considered dangerous to the swimmer concerned, other swimmers, or the instructor, the child will be immediately removed from lessons until further notice.


For hygiene reasons all swimmers with long hair must wear a swim cap during every lesson. The caps will also keep them a little warmer.


Correct swimming attire is required at all times during lessons. This includes one piece togs for girls and speedos for boys. During the cooler month’s swimmers are permitted to wear tight fitting thermals or rash tops. Swim nappies must be worn at all times until the child is 3 years of age, whether they are trained or not.  Swim nappies are not provided with the program.


SOF doesn’t offer public swimming at any time. It is a private facility, so please don’t be offended if you ask to use the pool as we will not be able to facilitate this.