We are open from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
We ask that you please adhere to dropping off and collecting your child between our operating hours. Should you have an emergency and will be delayed collecting your child please contact the centre so staff can explain to your child and also rearrange any plans they may have. Late fees may apply for children collected after closing time.


Before enrolling your child we ask that both of you come along and spend some time at our centre, allowing your child to become familiar and to ensure that we are the rights centre for your child’s needs.
We require three, one-hour visits and sometimes more depending on the needs of the child. Detailed discussions on the child’s development, behavior, sleeping and eating requirements are held upon enrolment.
Booked Visits are held daily between 10 am and 11am to fit with the daily routine of our centre. (link to settling your child paperwork)


We provide all food, morning tea, home cooked lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack if applicable. We provide UV filtered drinking water and sunblock.
Parents – you will need to bring along:
  • Formula/breast milk
  • Nappies
  • Drinking bottle
  • As many changes of clothes as you can fit in your bag. Please label all clothes
  • Sun hats and winter hats
  • Weather appropriate clothes and shoes- we don͛t believe in bad weather- just bad clothing


  • Signing in and out: It is a requirement of the Ministry of Education that all children are signed in and out of the cente on a daily basis. Please ensure the daily sign in sheet is kept accurate as it is also used should and evacuation of the building be required.
  • Authorised Persons: Only authorised persons, (a responsible adult) as indicated on the enrolment form will be allowed to collect children from the Centre. Please notify the Manager in writing of any changes to the authorised persons. An adult other than one known to the Centre will be required to show identification (preferably photographic). Parents with custody orders must provide a copy to the Manager.
  • Custody: In the case of a non-custodial parent arriving to collect the child, the Manager will contact the police and provide the copy of the order for the police to enforce. A child will not be allowed to go home with a parent/guardian in contravention of a custody/court order held at the Centre. However, in the event of a non-custodial parent gaining access to a child, the Centre cannot be held liable.
  • Staff are always concerned about your child’s welfare, so if you are aware of any intending absence could you please inform the staff.
  • Parents must give at least two weeks notice before withdrawing their child and changing their hours, please contact the centre if you wish to makes changes
  • Holidays: As we all need a break now and then, we offer two weeks holidays per year at a 50% reduction in cost provided 3 weeks notice is given to the centre

Day to Day Info



Lunch time is at 11.30 daily and afternoon tea is around 2.30.
The food served is posted on facebook daily so you can have a look at the healthy food our lovely cook prepares. Please advise the staff of any allergies or changes in dietary requirements


We provide a sleep room for the under 2͛s and a quiet area is created for the over 2’s. All children are given the opportunity to relax and rest after lunch. Whilst the older children have their learning group time, the children who sleep or rest have their own beds and linen and the other group of children have quite time reading books and doing quiet activities. We will discuss with you changes in sleep routines
of your child their changing needs.


We accumulate a lot of unnamed clothing that ends up in the lost property. Can you please check the basket regularly and take what is yours. Clothes left unclaimed for period of time will either be placed in our communal spare clothing bins or donated to the local charity shop.


Routine toileting/nappy changes times are scheduled for 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm. During toilet training staff will endeavour to support efforts made at home.
Please feel free to discuss any special needs with staff. Please make sure you send plenty of changes of clothes during this time, as a few accidents are unavoidable. Please ensure you keep your Tots wet bag in your child’s bag for wet clothes to go home in – we avoid using plastic bags where possible.


If you need to store a car seat please take down in to the basement and not on the stairs as it is considered an evacuation hazard


Your child will create a lot of artwork at Tots. We ask that you regularly take their artwork home to allow space for more 😉


  • Journey books – This is a portfolio the teaching staff put together to show your child’s journey through our centre. It documents your child’s development. We provide a hard copy that the children and you can look at any time in the centre and we also have an online version on Educa. We encourage you to share your child’s journey outside the centre and post stories and pictures on the Educa system.
  • Facebook – We have a closed facebook group to which you will receive an invitation upon enrollment. We document daily the learning that is happening, our activities, our excursions and our food and our day in general. Please feel free to contribute in a similar thread, but please direct any admin or general questions via email as we don’t always see your posts and don’t want to miss something important.


As per our philosophy we go excursions from the centre around 3 to 4 times per week and spend time out and about on our beautiful little island. Excursion permission forms are provided for you to sign with details of the times, destination, ratios of staff to children, and staff going. If we do not have your signature we will call you for confirmation and request you sign on coming to collect your child


In case of an unforeseen emergency situation, every effort will be made to contact parents to collect their child. Our Centre is fitted with a fire alarm system which is maintained monthly.
Regular fire drills are necessary for regulation purposes. Regular emergency procedures give the children an opportunity to become familiar with the routine and planned evacuation.


You can find a full copy of our sickness policy your enrolment pack, which outlines what happens to attendance when a child is sick. If a child has been sick with an infectious illness then they must stay at home for at least 24 hours after the illness has ceased. Infectious illnesses are many and varied but may include symptoms such as sickness, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis etc. Any child at the centre that is deemed to be unwell will be sent home. Provisions must be put in place by working parents to ensure someone is available to collect the sick child. Sick children will be put into a separate area and supervised by a staff member until picked up. An illness that warrants a child being sent home includes: vomiting, diarrohea, a high temperature, being obviously unwell and unhappy or showing syptoms of infectious disease as per the Ministry of Health factsheet.
Illnesses spread fast in a group environment and it is in everyone’s best interests if we all adhere to this policy.

Medication– Please advise the staff if your child is taking any medication. All medicines must be kept in the kitchen and the medicine chart that is kept on the sign in desk must be filled in before we can administer any medication. Only medication that has a label stating your child’s name and expiry date will be administered. If on antibiotics, children are required to stay at home for 24 hours after their first dose. This ensures that the medication has time to work and allows for important rest time for the child.

Immunisation – Immunisation is a personal choice for each family, however
Health Regulations state that all parents must provide documented evidence of their child’s immunisation status, this is also required for acceptance of enrolment. Non-immunised children will have to stay at home for a stand- down period should a breakout of a vaccine preventable disease occur. The Ministry of Health will guide us on this should the matter arise.
Tell us what you think – It is important for you to let us know what you think we are doing right and wrong, that way we can keep doing the right things and change the wrongs. This step will keep our centre operating as its optimal level, providing the best care and education for our children.
We appreciate any feedback you give us